We at MMA Coach put a big emphasis on conducting our classes in a friendly and relaxed environmentGrading process which cover its two main elements individually — Performance Fitness and Combat:

The INTERMEDIATE level of MMA Certification are “Combat Levels” where you will start applying techniques learned in the first level. Light and semi contact sparring in real time will open up a whole new world to you during this level. Learning how to punch, kick and throw is one thing… This is when you truly start learning how to FIGHT. INTERMEDIATE level takes it further into serious training and preparation for competition against other elite athletes.
At this level focus shifts from fitness and drills to applied technique and combat skills, your fitness levels will continue to increase exponentially but you will find yourself more involved on a mental level. As a savage you would have built up enough strength agility and fitness to start controlled sparring a few times every week so you can finally start applying the skills you had built up in the first two levels of training.

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