5 Basic MMA Moves You need to Get Right

Now that you have all the must have MMA gear and some basic knowledge of MMA, the next logical move is to learn the most basic, yet important, MMA moves. Having the knowledge of these moves before you join a gym can be invaluable. If you have already joined a gym then a refresher course couldn’t hurt.

Basic MMA Moves
1. Jab

Jab is an important weapon for all MMA fighters. It is simple and basic, but many new fighters can’t seem to get it right. There is no real counting how many uses you can get out of the jab. It will take a long time for you to master the jab.

A jab is thrown with your dominant hand.
You have to extend the arm out completely while ensuring that your wrist is aligned to your elbow.
The force behind the jab can vary.
If it is a probing jab, it will be softer.
If it is a penetrating jab it will have force like a battering ram.
The timing has to be perfect.

Jab is also used to set up other hits when you are in the middle of fight, like the overhand punch.

2. Overhand Punch

This curving punch is thrown with your other hand, the non-dominant one. Try to imagine yourself throwing a baseball and you will get the idea of how this punch is thrown.

Overhand punch is common in the MMA.
It is not finesse that is behind it but complete and utter force.
Bring your arm forward with windmill like movement.
Keep your fist and wrist aligned because you don’t want to sprain the wrist.
Target the head of the opponent.
As always, timing has to be perfect.

You can try this punch out on the punching bag and perfect the movement so it will be easier when you throw it during a sparring session.

3. Round Kick

The most important of all kicks and your instrument for the destruction of your opponent. Round kicks are part of a lot of knockouts in the MMA. They are extremely powerful and dangerous when done right.

Make your lead leg the pivot.
The lead leg should be perpendicular to whatever you are targeting.
Thrust the hip of the pivot leg while you turn the striking leg for the strike.
Use your core muscle while you are turning your body for the strike.
Put as much force as possible into the hit.

You want to make sure that you land the lower part of the shin on the target, whether it is a bag or your opponent.

4. Double Leg Takedown

The double leg takedown is borrowed from wrestling and has become a common move in MMA. It will be a while before you can gain the strength to pull off this move successfully.

This is move is performed when the opponent is close to you.
You need to get your hands behind the opponent’s knees or hips.
Grab hold of them firmly and pull him/her off the mat.
Complete the move by slamming the opponent towards your left or right depending on where their body weight was leaning.

5. Trip

One of the most effective takedowns in MMA, trip can be used to get the opponent off balance and get them on the mat while you are in a dominant position.

Place your foot on the inside or outside of the opponent’s foot, whichever is easier in the moment.
Keep your own body balanced.
Grab hold of the opponent and force them towards the mat while tripping their foot.
The lack of body balance and force will have them lying on the mat in seconds.
The kind of grip you have on your opponent can vary but the mechanics will always remain the same.

When you have the chance to practice these moves, make sure that you have an observer present who can point out the mistakes you are making. Get your gear on and get to practicing.

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