MMA Coach has a three Level MMA Certification and Grading process which cover its two main elements individually — Performance Fitness and Combat.

The BEGINNER level of Performance training are “Foundation Levels”. They will have a focus on developing your base fitness and optimizing your movement patterns. By level you will start learning basic techniques and skills that you will learn to execute at speed with proper form. This level is “No contact” levels, meaning, there will be no sparring in your syllabus, nor is it required for you to take and pass the tests.
In this level you will learn proper form for all the essential movements and exercises, we will touch upon general alignment and motor abilities as well all the other related components of a good fitness program. Strength, flexibility, coordination, Explosive power, agility, balance among other things. Training to be eligible for taking this test lasts for a minimum of one month.
In this level you will be pushed into performance mode, competing with your own best times and personal records we will keep you on a constant line of progress just beyond your comfort zone. We will start introducing you to the core combat forms and basic techniques that will be further ingrained into your neuromuscular system… Training to be eligible for this certification lasts for a minimum of 3 months.

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